First Draft Fears

This week I finished writing the first draft of my novel. The story that started as a short list of bullet points has become a document of over 80,000 words, and it felt like the right time to stop tweaking it in order to get some feedback. A few people (other writers, family members and … Continue reading First Draft Fears

Book Review – Letters to Iris

I have started reviewing books on NetGalley and the first book I received was Letters to Iris, by Elizabeth Noble. It is due for publication on 5th April 2018. ~~~ Iris is a grandmother whose past is revealed when her granddaughter finds a number of old letters after Iris moves into a nursing home. Despite … Continue reading Book Review – Letters to Iris

Postnatal Confinement

BBC news published an article this week about postnatal confinement, a traditional practice that is widespread within the Chinese community. Confinement is thought to be important because of the community's belief that the immunity of both mother and baby is low following the birth (note; I have not researched the science behind this belief). Women traditionally … Continue reading Postnatal Confinement